My sawmilling service is usually based on a “per board feet” of lumber sawn. Hourly rates is generally more acceptable for sawing Eastern Red Cedar or special dimension lumber or beams.

A $25 blade charge is applied anytime a saw blade is ruined by hitting metal or any foreign object in a log. This is most commonly nails, screws, and wire.

For travel distances over 20 miles a one time setup fee may apply.

Payment by cash or personal check will be expected upon completion of the saw job.

Log/Lumber Yield:
A board foot is defined as being 1” thick and 12” wide and 12” long or 144 cubic inches of wood. So a board 1” thick by 12” wide by 8’ long contains 8 board feet. A standard 2X4 - 8’ stud contains 5.3 board feet. Learn More

Since my sawmill uses a 1/8” thick blade instead of the normal ¼” commercial sawmill blade, your actual lumber yield will generally be greater that Doyle scaled logs. Learn More

Air Drying Lumber:
Getting rid of the moisture in lumber requires sticker stacking and good air circulation. Lumber should be sticker stacked soon after milling. My suggestion is within a few days in most cases. Learn More
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